Vacancy Supporting Documents

 Vacancy Position Title:       Associate Lecturer/Lecturer in Communication and Digital Media 
 Closing Date:                 25-APR-2016 11:59:59 pm             
 Extended Closing Date:        04-JUL-2016 11:59:59 pm             

 Type of Document:                    ADVT - Advertisement                                                     
 File Name:                           V95523/F-1982831213/Advertisement - All positions.pdf            1. Download 
 Type of Document:                    MS - Minimum Standards                                                   
 File Name:                           V95523/Level A and B.pdf                                      2. Download 
 Type of Document:                    POSD - Position Description                                              
 File Name:                           V95523/Position Description - Lecturer in Communication and Digital Media.pdf            3. Download 
 Type of Document:                    SEQ - Standards Expectations & Qualifications                            
 File Name:                           V95523/F1011841419/Standards, Expectations and Qualifications Policy.pdf            4. Download 
 Type of Document:                    TG - Teaching Guidelines                                                 
 File Name:                           V95523/F-785520873/Teaching Guidelines 2015.pdf               5. Download